Rather than suppressing or acting out in unconscious and self-destructive ways, Conscious or Sacred Kink is the embodied exploration of the full spectrum of our sexual expression in a consensual, risk-aware and conscious way. It is a source of great personal and spiritual growth, deep transformation and joy.



The different expressions of human sexuality are as diverse as the number of humans! Some of us are turned on by specific feelings: such as the feeling of excitement in engaging in the forbidden, feeling like a victim, perpetrator or voyeur. Feeling restricted, worshipped, humiliated or objectified. Some of us are turned on by power dynamics: having power over another or being overpowered. Others are turned on by specific objects, textures, sounds or sensations.


What does being conscious mean? It means that rather than being lost in thoughts or habitual behaviour patterns, we choose to fine-tune our awareness to ourselves and each other, in each present moment.

By being conscious that we are not just physical bodies, we engage on all levels, bringing spirit and matter, heart and sex into union, creating the possibility for greater depth and fulfillment.

Consciousness is also the foundation of transformation: as we become aware of emotions and feelings, we are able to meet them more deeply, supporting them to shift. Becoming aware of parts of ourselves we may have suppressed in the past, enables us to give them expression and the possibility of integrating them. As we become aware of blockages or hindrances that compromise our integrity or prevent us from embracing pleasure and intimacy, we can choose to let them go.


By discovering and claiming our desires, we are honouring our Truth. Allowing ourselves to be seen, we create a greater self-acceptance and authenticity that can ripple out into the rest of our lives. Our play becomes a powerful force for self-exploration and discovery, providing endless potential for personal growth and fulfillment, and offering joy in unexpected places along the way…