Did you know that as women, our bodies change every single day?

Due to the cycle of our hormones, there are subtle yet significant changes that impact:

> Energy levels

> Creativity

> Critical thinking


> Sensitivity

> Empathy

> Ability to process information


> Spatial awareness

> Communication skills

> Problem solving

Wouldn’t it be intelligent to harness the potential of our nature, rather than go against it?

Body Literacy Coaching supports women to develop a strong connection to their body and its unique rhythms, thereby:

> Increasing well-being, lowering burn-out rates and fostering sustainability

> Boosting creativity and productivity

> Supports leadership

> Creates trust and supports people-orientated workspace

Working with the monthly cycle – in very practical ways – is one of the ways we put life at the core of our organizational culture. In the last two years we have watched this approach create a working environment that encourages a more productive, healthy, and inspired team.

While some might argue the fiscal practicality of our policy, each year we are out performing the previous year in both fundraising and achieving our organizational goals. We are proving that organizations can work with women in this way while also increasing the bottom line, enhancing productivity, and promoting overall health and wellbeing.

Edveeje Fairchild

Chief Operations Officer, TreeSisters

Over the past two years I have participated in multiple workshops and retreats facilitated by Ruby. Working with her has not only inspired me think deeper about myself in relation to others, but also provided me with new tools for my work with teams that focus on building deep technology solutions, which often requires excellent communication skills and the ability to face strong emotions.

I highly recommend working with Ruby as an expert on body literacy for corporations, that are serious to create a new culture of relating and collaborating.

Alissia Quaintance

Co-Founder IQ Gemini

Ruby May is a deeply committed, articulate and passionate teacher and facilitator on body consciousness and literacy in particular in the new field of menstruality. Bold and responsive, she brings a discerning intelligence to all she does.
Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

Co-directors of Red School

Ruby May at the Ada Lovelace Conference, Berlin, 2018.