Yesterday I wrote about the challenges I feel around ovulation, but I was reminded that that’s not the full picture during my experience of today…

I like to explore different archetypes that I feel relate to different parts of my cycle. Other than PMS, ovulation is the only part of our cycle that is generally spoken about and it’s well known that many of us feel extra frisky around here – in the Lakota tradition, the phase around ovulation is the ‘Lover’ phase. (I love the paradox inherent in ovulation – we’re at our most extroverted and ‘yang’ and yet are simultaneously the most ‘receptive’ to being fertilised!).

But what has shone through for me the most today is the Mother archetype. It’s like a bridge between myself and the great mother – that nourishing, infinitely kind and patient, forgiving and unconditionally loving aspect that is always available for us to call on, but during this time I feel like I have direct access to her and her sense of being in love with the world, able to hold and cherish everything around me. And I am savouring every moment because a) I am generally less than enamoured with humans so this is a welcome temporary respite from my general demeanour and b) as my cycle has shown me – every day brings a different quality, a different super power and a different challenge so This Too Shall Pass :)

The Mother represents our Heart and the Lover represents Sex – Madonna and Whore – two aspects of our being that have been separated and polarised in us, resulting in so much wounding and suffering. These are my days for consciously bathing in the deliciousness and the power of uniting both – my body and womb feeling so ripe and inviting, sensually engaged with the world around me and my heart swelling with compassion and tenderness.

There is such a strong link between the two – heart and sex – how could there not be? The womb is where life begins and life thrives on love! :) Without the foundation of my womb and it’s feeling of anchoring me in the world, my heart feels unstable in its fluctuations and easily overwhelmed. Without the heart, my womb and my sexual self feel so instinct driven that I feel hollow and not truly present with the world or inhabiting myself. Both united together create the possibility of feeling like we’re showing up in the world like the bad-ass high-priestess-holy-whores we truly are