The deeper I go into my menstrual cycle awareness, the more I sense that those last few days before bleeding are such an important and precious time for feeling. Whether it’s emotions that I’ve managed to gloss over or suppress the month before, or whether it’s feeling the pain of the world, if I tune into what my being needs or wants to do, it is to feel. There is a growing sense each cycle now that I need this in order to feel in integrity. To protect myself from reality or to numb myself to feeling just doesn’t feel right or healthy or ok.

Sometimes, my tired heart that is still letting go of its protection layer by layer, feels heavy and numb with it all. But sometimes there is a crack in its armouring and the tears flow and I become soft and tender again, alive and vibrating in my grief.

Yes, it hurts but thank fuck I feel alive and connected to myself and the earth and the pulse of life that makes my little heart keep beating. Our ability to feel and to care is our super power. It’s what being intimate with life is all about. It’s what keeps us juicy. It’s what inspires our activism. Let’s remember that next time our inner critic judges us as ‘weak’ for feeling.