10984221_1534177776884082_3428292879258479423_nOn feeling helpless in a world that seems to be crumbling before our eyes…

Each moment brings possibilities for creative activism.

In a world that teaches you to be an obedient and numbed little consumer, to listen to authority rather than yourself and to abandon oneself, the practise of self-care and self-love is a crucial act of political rebellion. Maybe it feels small, but don’t under estimate it.

Today I woke up and chose to be quiet and listen to myself and give myself space to ask myself what I need. “I need time and space to feel!” my little heart said. And so I waited until it started to crack and the tears came and I cried a bit for myself and my pain, and then cried a bit for all the pain I’ve suppressed over the years through distracting myself and being afraid to feel deeply, and then cried a bit more for all the unshed tears in the world. Allowing our hearts to crack and those layers of pain and deep longings and desires to be met…the waves of self-kindness that follow, ebbing and flowing, is perhaps the greatest form of prayer and the greatest catalyst for truth-inspired action that can then follow.

Creating time and space to feel deeply is such an integral part of self-love. To hold oneself in one’s deepest pain, like a mother loves her child. In a world where everything needs to look polished, contained and in control, to embrace the confusion and messiness and vulnerability of simply being a human, navigating our paths through this crazy thing called life, lies a power greater than we realise.