A curious thing it is, that the default world feels ok with the yin qualities of the vagina – their capacity to receive a penis – and rather less ok with their yang qualities, like their capacity to ejaculate, menstruate and give birth.. Except of course when they lubricate – that’s ok because it’s interpreted as a sign of validation .
The world seems to be a bit fascinated by these ‘yang’ qualities but obviously also threatened (remember it was only last year that the British government banned female ejaculation in porn).
Someone used the word ‘vagina dentata’ in association with me a couple of weeks ago and I burst into tears. I did not realise how much charge this image carries for me. It’s not exclusively fear and threat that’s inspired this concept (sure, it can also be interpreted as empowering to women), but a good portion of it has very ugly, patriarchal roots.
The ‘vagina dentata’ originates from folk tales in many different cultures from all over the world. Some researches have posited that it expresses the threat sexual intercourse poses for men who, although ‘entering triumphantly, always leave diminished’.
What do you think?