Imagine a world in which ageing is not something to be feared or fought against, but welcomed.

A world in which the maturing and ripening woman is revered and celebrated for her beauty and wisdom, and where our changing bodies are a testament to the depth and richness of who we are. A world in which the incessant narrative and encouragement to reverse ageing becomes obsolete and where elders are given their rightful place again.

Imagine it’s up to us to create this world.

When Women Blossom: a New Story to Tell is an invitation for women over the age of 40 to come together and explore the topic of age: what it means to us in our current realities, and how we might support one another to positively and proactively shape this. 

What exactly are the dynamics behind our ageist cultural conditioning and how might I have internalised this? What are the ways in which I have suffered due to this, such as judging my appearance, doubting my value and comparing myself to others?

Making space for any grief or rage that arises, we ask ourselves what we are ready to let go of, so that we can create space for something new and life-affirming to take root and blossom.

Who am I beyond my conditioning? How do I want to feel? What new and empowered framings,  narratives and perspectives might we be inspired to create together? 


Our journey begins on Friday evening with a ‘supper club’ where we will meet in small groups in volunteer participants’ homes in Copenhagen, to share food, connect to the topic and get to know one another in a more relaxed and intimate setting. 

We then have 2 full days over the weekend to dive deeply into a field of playfulness, trust and curiosity and explore through personal and shared enquiry, simple rituals and embodied practices.

Through the power of coming together and witnessing and honouring each other, each woman is guided to reconnect with her individual essence, her gratitude and appreciation for her body and journey through life.

Harvesting our collective wisdom together, we  begin writing our new story: for us and the world.

Further Details:


Anyone who identifies as a woman,  over the age of 40.


March 10th 19:00 – 21:30 Supper Club
March 11th 10:00 – 19:00 Workshop day 1
March 12th 10:00 – 18:00 Workshop day 2


Virkelig, Tagensvej 85C,

2200 København N, Denmark


2222 DKK (298 EUR)  or 4222 DKK (567 EUR) for two people when you bring a friend.


Deep listening, honest connection, rage and sadness, juiciness and tension, dance and stillness, pain and joy. All made safe by collective warmth and trust. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



When Women Blossom is a rite of passage: a stepping into mature womanhood, letting our masks of perfection drop and just allowing ourselves to be with whatever is there: whether joy, sorrow, anger, shame or lust.

Iva & Ruby created a safe container for all this to unfold. Together they hold a lot of wisdom and knowledge that I bring with me, and look forward to put into practice in my life.



Ruby and Iva were the best possible facilitators:  a very tenderly held and well designed space, taking us on a pioneering journey to vision the second half of our lives.

Travelling back home, I felt like I was carrying a big treasure with me. My heart is full, I am inspired!



Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this just for people in their 40s? Will I feel out of place if I’m 50+ or 60+ or 70+?

We do our best to make sure that each workshop has a varied age range, including specifically inviting elders to assist us in holding the space.

How does the Supper Club work?

A week before we begin, we’ll reach out to all participants and see who is happy to welcome a small group of participants (up to six) into their home for a potluck dinner (where everyone brings a dish). We’ve had really great experiences with this in the past and see it as a lovely way for people to connect, so that everything feels a little smoother and easeful over the weekend.

Your description sounds a bit wishy washy, what are we actually going to do?!

Well, we don’t want to tell you everything in advance and invite you to trust your instinct and come along, if you feel drawn to! But we can say that there is a mixture of activities from journalling on your own, to little rituals in pairs and small groups to coming together as a large group to reflect. We’ll explore the themes of cultivating a good relationship with our bodies (and looking at the difference between feeling our bodies and thinking about our bodies) and work with the emotions of grief and rage, in order to move into softness and aliveness. You’ll get to learn about pelvic health, dream into the best possible expressions of your future and meet some incredible, inspiring women!

Iva Samina loves and lives sensuality, as well as a conscious, aware and satisfying sexuality. She loves accompanying people of all genders and ages into their true expression, passion and creative power. It is a heart commitment to make her contribution to a free sexual culture:  confidently, with humor and depth. 

Iva is driven by the inner call to follow her passion. She intends to empower herself and other women, as well as involve men in the (re)discovery of a new, strong femininity. To shine from within, and allow others to shine: that is the mission she dedicates her life and work to.

After many years of self-discovery – immersing herself in her own femininity, magic and authentic creativity – she founded a coaching practice for sexual development in Berlin. In this professional space, she weaves elements from Tantra, Tao, Womb Wisdom Sexological Bodywork, Yoga and the art-of-intuition. In addition, Iva works as a birth-preparer and doula. As a mother of 3, Iva sees birth as a sexual and spiritual process: she wants to pass on this knowledge, take away people’s fear of childbirth, and support them in experiencing childbirth as empowering.,, Iva’s book

Ruby May is an educator, activist, coach and community leader in the field of feminine leadership and human connection, who is rallying for a revolution through listening to the wisdom of our bodies.

In these confronting times, as well as activism being something we do, Ruby is facinated in the question of who we need to be. How do we feel our belonging and kinship with the earth? And how do we embody balance, so we can respond from these places? 

Her initiative Know Your Flow, an online education and membership program brings together an international network of women who are exploring menstrual cycle awareness as a tool for developing body literacy, inspiring their leadership and creating cultural change. She also works as the community leader for the largest cycle awareness school in the world The Red School and the start up for peri-menopausal women Sabia. 

When she’s not facilitating groups of women, she is busy with her creation “The Game:’ which helps people connect more playfully and meaningfully.,

Iva and Ruby share a deep friendship that began as they entered their forties, and have since accompanied one another in this new chapter and archetype of being a woman. Together they offer over 25 years of experience of enquiry, teaching and creating spaces for women. 

Ich fühle mich genährt, erinnert, berührt, kraftvoll, bestätigt, gesehen, getragen, hingegeben, still und neugierig. Lustvoll, stolz, angebunden, erregt und weich. Schön!



Der Workshop war für mich eine große Freude.Im Nachhinein kommt mir ein Gefühl, welches an tiefes Ausatmen erinnert.

Ich hatte nicht nur die Freude eine reiche Ernte mit mir nach Hause tragen zu dürfen, sondern auch die Gewissheit, dass es mir im Kreise mutiger, wohlwollender Frauen möglich war (und in zukunft Möglich sein wird) meine innere Arbeit in voller Konzentration machen zu können. Ich muss nicht allein damit sein. Es geht anderen genauso.