What if one reason we struggle in our intimate life, is because we’re wanting to get all our needs met from that one place?

Perhaps the reason we put so much value, and hence so much strain on romantic and sexual relationships is because we are disconnected from the primarily places we should be getting our sense of belonging and nourishment from: our tribe and the earth.

In our bones lie the memories of belonging to a clan and being closely, intimately, sensually bonded to the earth. Many of us feel that something is missing in our current lives, and yet although we long for community, we often lack the skills to live so closely with others, or feel ambivalence about sacrificing our personal space and independence.

And yet if we focus getting all our needs for intimacy and belonging met from our sexual encounters or from our partnership, or any of the other ways we compensate from being cut off tribe and earth, we are living a life out of balance, drinking from a cup that will never truly fill us….